The new gadgets for Internet TV - Google TV

Google TV - The Internet TV in your living room 
Google is a brand name of the internet world. It is the top most multinational company in the field of computer and Internet. It hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products like Google search for searching the web, AdWords for internet ads media, Google map for finding the location, Gmail for internet mail, Orkut for social networking and many mores. The main revenue source of this company generally comes from the advertising through its AdWords program. Now Google teamed with Sony, Intel and Logitech to develop a new technology of Internet TV and platform to bring the Web into the home through HD TVs and set-top boxes called Google TV. This world class Internet TV was released on 6th Oct, 2010.

Features of Google TV
Here are the main features of this web based TV -

* Google TV technology is based on Google Android operating system.

* It is mainly a software platform for set-top boxes and HDTV’s.

* Google TV offer a standardized platform for all internet applications such as mailing, social networking, online gaming and be more open and user friendly for users to easily access the Internet through their TV systems.

* With the help of this advanced technology users can use and access the web with the help of their TV system sitting in the home.

* It is supported by Google’s Chrome browser which offers a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites and watch television.

* It is well supported by wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad.

* By using Google Play users can search content from live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon, and many mores.

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