Make Your Next Presentation Pop with PowerPoint Help

Companies around the world use PowerPoint to get information to clients and employees. Even if you have some experience with this computer software, the chances are good that you rely on a few standard tricks time and time again. If you have limited experience, you might find yourself creating presentations that look like something done in a high school class. With professional help, you can make a presentation that will wow and amaze your group.

Stop Stressing

PowerPoint lets you create charts and graphs that can show the earnings of your company over the last year, but you can also use the program to create a presentation to warn your employees of potential hazards around the office. Regardless of what type of presentation you need to make, you'll likely feel a little worried and stressed about what to do. With professional help, you can turn your data and information over to someone else who will do the worrying for you and take the stress off your shoulders.

Get Access to Thousands of Designs

When you select a custom PowerPoint design company, you have access to thousands of custom designs. You can browse through the presentations the company chose in the past and create a similar design, or you can request a design customized just for your company. Use those designs to make your next work presentation a little more fun and exciting. When you work with a professional designer, you'll receive a presentation that you'll want to show off around the office.

6 Tools of the Modern Archaeologist

When you think of archaeologists, you probably imagine something out of Jurassic Park, with dusty teams hauling around shovels and stiff brushes to dig up dinosaur bones. Too bad that image is outdated! The 21st century has brought all kinds of new technology and exciting toys to the field of archaeology, so if you'd like to know how they function now, here are six pieces of equipment to update your daydreams.

1: GPS

GPS is easily one of the most critical tools of modern archaeology. Not only does it save time, energy and money when diggers can excavate exact spots instead of large areas, but razor-sharp GPS guiding can also keep them from damaging the artifacts as they're jostled in and out of the earth.

2: Magnetometers

The magnetic pulse of a pile of dirt is different than the magnetic pulse of a pile of dirt with things buried in it. This is because all objects disrupt the magnetic field of their surroundings to some degree, allowing magnetometers to detect the anomalies and alert the archaeologists of hidden treasure.

3: GPR

GPR, or ground-penetrating radar, is exactly what it sounds like: A tool that shoots pulses of electromagnetic radiation into the ground in order to scope out the territory. It differs from other equipment, however, in the sense that it doesn't just detect objects; it also maps voids, cracks and even animal habitats in the subsurface.

4: Infrared Imaging

Satellite images are nothing without infrared technology. Infrared is what allows surveyers to look below the ground even from a great distance, analyzing potential dig sites and detecting what ancient civilizations may be there. Without infrared, they'd be digging based on guesses instead of facts!

5: External Transmitters

These high-tech gadgets measure soil resistivity, which in turn can offer clues about objects buried deep within the earth. Companies like Advanced Geosciences Inc sell them with different power and electrical sounding capabilities depending on the toughness of the land. To learn more, browse AGI products here

6: Metal Detectors

They aren't just for beach bums looking for pennies! Modern metal detectors can come with everything from pinpoint locators to digital interfaces with GPS. They're also very light, portable tools for all their features, making them a popular alternative to bulky or expensive machines.

Whether you're taking an archaeology class or harboring dreams of becoming the next Indiana Jones, these are six of the most important tools you should know like HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service introduces PatientNote - The free HIPAA compliant texting feature used to deliver protected health information. .

Happy digging!

Android - The Most Popular Operating System for Smart Phone

Android is most popular platform for smart phone and apps developers in all over the world. Basically it is an operating system designed for touch screen devices such as Smart phones and tablets. This Linux-based operating system was released by Android, Inc. in the year of 2007. The first ever Android-powered smart phone was sold in October 2008. The Android Inc was bought by Google in the year of 2005.

The code of this most popular touch screen OS is written in C++ and java language. In October 2013, there are approximately 1,000,000 apps available for Android operating system, and the estimated number of applications downloaded from Google Play, Android's supported app store, is 40 billion. A recent survey study shows that more than 75% of smart phone and apps developer used this well versed mobile operating system. In the early days of Oct, 2013 more than 1 billion Android OS supported devices have been stimulated in the smart phone market.

Upcoming Version of Android
Android KitKat

Android KitKat 4.4 Release Date
End days of Dec, 2013

Current Version of Android
Jelly Bean 4.3

Official website of Android

Official release date of Android    
September 23, 2008

Operating System Platform of Android
Unix Based

Programming Langauage of Android
C++ & Java

Licence of Android
Apache Licence

Developer of Android
Andy Rubin

Market of Android
Smart Phone, Tablet

The new gadgets for Internet TV - Google TV

Google TV - The Internet TV in your living room 
Google is a brand name of the internet world. It is the top most multinational company in the field of computer and Internet. It hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products like Google search for searching the web, AdWords for internet ads media, Google map for finding the location, Gmail for internet mail, Orkut for social networking and many mores. The main revenue source of this company generally comes from the advertising through its AdWords program. Now Google teamed with Sony, Intel and Logitech to develop a new technology of Internet TV and platform to bring the Web into the home through HD TVs and set-top boxes called Google TV. This world class Internet TV was released on 6th Oct, 2010.

Features of Google TV
Here are the main features of this web based TV -

* Google TV technology is based on Google Android operating system.

* It is mainly a software platform for set-top boxes and HDTV’s.

* Google TV offer a standardized platform for all internet applications such as mailing, social networking, online gaming and be more open and user friendly for users to easily access the Internet through their TV systems.

* With the help of this advanced technology users can use and access the web with the help of their TV system sitting in the home.

* It is supported by Google’s Chrome browser which offers a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites and watch television.

* It is well supported by wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad.

* By using Google Play users can search content from live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon, and many mores.

Google Search - The leader of online search world

In these days online search or web search is known as Google search. In web definition it is a search engine owned by Google Inc which provides the list of web pages according to your search. In simple term Google search is known as online search provider of user query from the millions of web pages. This most popular search engine was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year of 1997.

In today Internet world nobody is near to compete with Google search. According to sources more than 80% search engine market is captured by Google. In a single day, Google receives several hundred million queries through various services. The prime objective of Google search is to provide top results of query from millions of web pages available in the Internet.

Google Search provides more than 22 special features which include country wise, synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie, mobile search, airports, home listings, sports updates and many mores. Google also provides services for searching images, news websites, videos, local search, maps, and online sale items. According to un official sources in the year of 2012, Google has indexed over 30 billion web pages, 600 million queries per day, 2 billion images, and over 1.5 billion Usenet messages.

Benefits of Google search

* Find the information in quick time.
* All type of information in one place.
* One place to search anything from the web.
* One can easily access the right type of information according to need.