6 Tools of the Modern Archaeologist

When you think of archaeologists, you probably imagine something out of Jurassic Park, with dusty teams hauling around shovels and stiff brushes to dig up dinosaur bones. Too bad that image is outdated! The 21st century has brought all kinds of new technology and exciting toys to the field of archaeology, so if you'd like to know how they function now, here are six pieces of equipment to update your daydreams.

1: GPS

GPS is easily one of the most critical tools of modern archaeology. Not only does it save time, energy and money when diggers can excavate exact spots instead of large areas, but razor-sharp GPS guiding can also keep them from damaging the artifacts as they're jostled in and out of the earth.

2: Magnetometers

The magnetic pulse of a pile of dirt is different than the magnetic pulse of a pile of dirt with things buried in it. This is because all objects disrupt the magnetic field of their surroundings to some degree, allowing magnetometers to detect the anomalies and alert the archaeologists of hidden treasure.

3: GPR

GPR, or ground-penetrating radar, is exactly what it sounds like: A tool that shoots pulses of electromagnetic radiation into the ground in order to scope out the territory. It differs from other equipment, however, in the sense that it doesn't just detect objects; it also maps voids, cracks and even animal habitats in the subsurface.

4: Infrared Imaging

Satellite images are nothing without infrared technology. Infrared is what allows surveyers to look below the ground even from a great distance, analyzing potential dig sites and detecting what ancient civilizations may be there. Without infrared, they'd be digging based on guesses instead of facts!

5: External Transmitters

These high-tech gadgets measure soil resistivity, which in turn can offer clues about objects buried deep within the earth. Companies like Advanced Geosciences Inc sell them with different power and electrical sounding capabilities depending on the toughness of the land. To learn more, browse AGI products here

6: Metal Detectors

They aren't just for beach bums looking for pennies! Modern metal detectors can come with everything from pinpoint locators to digital interfaces with GPS. They're also very light, portable tools for all their features, making them a popular alternative to bulky or expensive machines.

Happy digging!

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